Update March 7th 2021:

Added picture of fairy sidekick to "Kaito In Slime Castle" page.

Update February 6th 2021:

Added twitter feed to "Kaito In Slime Castle" page.

Update December 13th 2020:

I added some images of Kaito in the "Kaito In Slime Castle" page as well as an update of our current progress!

Update May 16th 2020:

Set Facebook account to private and removed the Facebook icon. I am trying to focus on just Twitter and Instagram for now.

Update June 25th 2019:

Added Instagram link to each page after creating new Instagram account. Changed server where images are hosted.

Update June 6th 2019:

Domain changed to DougGames234 and new page "Kaito In Slime Castle" has been added.

Update February 18th 2019:

Website appearance has been changed!

Update October 30th 2018:

Vadine: Bite-Man has been released today on Steam and Itch.Io! Head over to the Vadine: Bite-Man tab if you want to try the game!

Update August 29th 2018:

All major announcements will be posted here. Such announcements include release announcements, new sequels or prequels announcements, and giveaway announcements.